Langham House

Langham House

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's been a roller coaster and I've not kept up with the blog the way I should. Darlene Chodzinski with Beaumont Heritage Society was here on Thursday for the big move. YES - she is moved. Watching her come down the street - the wrong way- so massive and with dignity - was just awesome. To say that I was jubilant when she hit my soil, is just a real mild understatement!

Today we ordered the rebar, over the weekend we built the forms so we can make the piers, I arranged for a Windstorm Inspector to come and check us out on Thursday - so looks like we will be pouring on Thursday - at least the piers.

Wednesday Jess goes and picks up 200 cinder blocks. And, the only thing left for me to find are the "boot chairs" for inside the concrete. Walthall concrete will be here to assist us with the concrete. Jane Walthall is a woman owned business - and I just sort of like doing business with her! She's a friend. And, I like that.

Ted Harp will be doing our inspection. And, Raul will be building things and doing the concrete work. Pictures on Facebook will be posted.

Today I had sort of a little "scare" - I was under the house counting any seals that may need replacing as we put the piers under. I felt something wriggling in my shorts. I jumped out from under the house and stripped down in the back yard - thank GOD no one but me was around! Out fell a grass snake - but it was a SNAKE! I peed my pants right there and then.

We are moving along - slowly - a lot more slowly than I had wanted. Tomorrow I am calling probation to see if they have 5-10 folks who need to do community service - I will have them scraping paint! And, depending on what all we have going - may can use them later on as well. If they work well, I will write a letter to probation AND to the Judge in favor of them - if they don't - that will be their bad!

I'm loving seeing her sit out my back window. I'm just hoping for more and more jobs so that the work can progress while I'm not here.

Keep up with our journey on Facebook - Langham House Author - and I will try to keep things up here as well!

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