Langham House

Langham House

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23

Today there is a new bathroom flooring - it is by far much stronger and better than the other ever thought of being. We are going to remove all the wall covering and replace it with hardi-plank - I'll put hardi-plank on the floor as well. The flooring is going to be slate tile and I will come up the wall 3/4 way with the tile as well. Sheetrock in the ceiling and there's a new light for over the sink and for hanging in the bathroom. Hint: It's Texas themed!

There's enough done now that Jess starts Monday pressure washing the outside. Then comes the scraping, then comes the painting. I can hardly wait for that paint to get on there and the outside finished! I will be jumping for joy.

Also on the 1st we are renting a ditch-witch deal and will dig out the sewer lines and water lines, as well as making the fence chain wall. I'm going up with cinder blocks. I'm tired of living in a fish bowl. And, it stops no later than 4-10. Thank you to my workers ya'll have been awesome and I truly appreciate you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22

What a sight for that ugly back wall to be down. I just cannot imagine anyone closing this beautiful veranda off. Yes, I know she needs a little work - and that's what is happening today. Rome wasn't built in a day - and neither shall the refurbishments of this wonderful old place!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21 - Community Service

This fella is doing community service work - removing the boards from around the foundation pads that we had built - for skipping school and not having doctors excuses for his school absences. I think after a week working with us - he will be more than happy for Spring Break to be over with! He's a cutie - but - he needs an education!

March 21

The previous owner had said the house was leaking in several places. We knew from previous rains that it wasn't. Today Jess replaced the eaves that were rotten - and sat all over that "rotten roof" (that's true sarcasm) and never fell through.
Porch is being prepared for painting.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday March 15 - The Ides of March

The guys have worked real hard today replacing rotten boards, etc.

We were shocked to find the reason the porch was so rickety was because the previous owner had cut the beams out from under it to put in a washer, dryer and water heater and instead of reinforcing those areas - chose to leave them under the strain of the weight.

We've ordered the proper porch decking. We are going to reinforce the porches with 3/4" marine grade plywood and come back over that with 1 x 4" tongue and groove flooring (treated of course) to give the place a more "original" look.

We still have to discern the boards for the ceiling part of the porches. I'll be taking a picture and sending it to Parker Lumber in Port Arthur who has been AWESOME at assisting me!

We also made another decision today. Someone had originally enclosed part of the porch to make a bathroom and closet. We are opening that back up. I'll need to find windows to fit the opening where a window used to be.

We once again crawled through the attic part of the house and found no leaks. None. But we will probably put the same colored roofing over the entire house instead of the multi-color that it is now.

New facia boards are replacing the rotten ones. Once all of the rotten is replaced, we will start pressure washing and painting the outside.

I firmly believe we'd have been much farther along had it not been for the movers and for the rainy weather we have had.

I'm grateful for sunshine and my guys today - and the work that they've gotten done.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Afternoon.

Jess is clearing a path so that the workers don't have to go in and out of my den to get to the tools. Materials are ordered. Martin will be here for 8am. Replacing the 1 x 2 x 12's tomorrow and the last of the beams that we couldn't get to because of the mover's beams.

I'm ready for a fence to go back up as I feel like I am in a fish bowl right now.

Hoping that painting begins next weekend. I'm ready.

We've checked and rechecked and there are no leaks with the roof. I may end up putting a metal roof on her - as what she probably had to begin with. I'm not sure yet. What I am sure of is that the roof needs to be all one color. It looks a little "weird" tri-colored. We'll see how far this $$ goes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday March 9

TODAY - she now sits on her own laurels!!! The house movers came - took care of their business - and are gone. No more dealing with them. And, no I wouldn't recommend them to anyone either. This has been 4 months plus of delays and unnecessary anxiety!

Raul and the guys did great on the piers - she looks real level. We have a few beams yet to replace (about 5 - 8 footers) then her under carriage is complete.

Now the work begins on getting her ready to paint! OH HAPPY DAY!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Termite thingies get put on today. Then, once again, we wait on Burkart to come and lower her down. Once his beams are out we need to replace a few more bad spots on beams. By the weekend, we will have scaffolding and a pressure washer. House gets pressure washed this weekend, next week we scrape, and hopefully by the 18-19th we are painting. I have my folks lined up to paint.

It's almost time for additional permits. I'm so looking forward to dealing with the City again (yes that is true sarcasim!) I wish I didn't feel that way - but I do. Maybe something will happen to adjust my attitude!

Anyway - we are progressing like a turtle in a vat full of chunky peanut butter with molasses on a very cold day. I am ready to see things rocking and rolling.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Darryl has been in and out of my neighborhood for a long time. We've had our "ups and downs"; he'd get mad at me or I'd get upset with him - but he always knows if I have work - especially painting work - it's his.

It may be months before I see Darryl. He has had his own personal demons to deal with and for a mid-40 year old man, he is old. He looks old. Darryl used to drink a lot. His drinking never interfered in his vast ability to be a perfect painter. He's done time in prison for drugs, he's married divorced a few times. No matter what his problems have been - I like Darryl - and there's something about him that let's me know when the work is available he is the man for painting.

I haven't seen Darryl in a long time, when he showed up at my back door this afternoon. He smelled as if he hadn't bathed in weeks. But, he wanted work.

We agreed he could come to work after the house was set down. We agreed on a price per hour and the hours that we all work. Before he left, Darryl turns and says, "Ann (no that isn't my name but he has always called me Ann), I need a favor from you."

"Darryl you always need a favor from me."

"No I'm serious. I got a ticket riding my bike at night without lights and I need you to pay it like you did my other one. I need you to take care of my ticket with what I earn. I'm not on paper no more, but you understand that stuff more than me."

"Okay Darryl, work good, be on time, and I will deduct it from your earnings."

"You a good friend Ann, you always been good to me."

I think having the Langham House is more than "my project". It is a project that is bringing my neighbors and friends together - to share, to laugh, to work and to fellowship.

Darryl had no sooner left, when I got a phone call from Manuel, "Senora, si tenemous trabajaho de la pintura?" (Ma'am do you have work in the painting?) I now have three extra hands to clean, scrub, and paint. I know they are going to do great work. I'm grateful and counting blessings.

Friday March 4

The piers and footings passed inspection this morning with flying colors. We were told we "did a great job." Not bad for a girl led crew I suppose.

We are on to painting - rather scraping the house to get ready for painting. Looking for scaffolds - for the upper regions. I'm so excited. Setting a goal for 3 weeks to have the place painted. With a new coat of paint, sitting on her laurels, she will look like a brand new place!

I'm buzzing! Doing the Happy Booty Bump (_/_)(_|_)(_\_)!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday March 2

Today has been an awesome work day. WE almost have all of the cinder blocks filled with concrete and their hurricane straps. It should be finished tomorrow - but that means I have to go under the house again! ;-(

I don't know if I wrote, but last time I went under the house a snake crawled up my shorts, I dropped them in the middle of the yard - luckily no one else was around - and it was a grass snake.

If we can get finished tomorrow, we can have Burkart come on Saturday or Sunday or Monday or whatever day he can come to sit her down.

Some of the rotten beams were replaced on the outside of the building so those are now taken care of. I'm SO ready to get her painted!

I'm real pleased with the progress.