Langham House

Langham House

Monday, March 7, 2011

Termite thingies get put on today. Then, once again, we wait on Burkart to come and lower her down. Once his beams are out we need to replace a few more bad spots on beams. By the weekend, we will have scaffolding and a pressure washer. House gets pressure washed this weekend, next week we scrape, and hopefully by the 18-19th we are painting. I have my folks lined up to paint.

It's almost time for additional permits. I'm so looking forward to dealing with the City again (yes that is true sarcasim!) I wish I didn't feel that way - but I do. Maybe something will happen to adjust my attitude!

Anyway - we are progressing like a turtle in a vat full of chunky peanut butter with molasses on a very cold day. I am ready to see things rocking and rolling.

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