Langham House

Langham House

Sunday, February 27, 2011

We didn't get near accomplished this last week that I would have liked to have had. We did get the footings in and those needed to "cure". Monday Jess and Martin will start setting the 3 cinder blocks, pouring concrete in them to stabilize them and adding the hurricane strap. That should pretty much finalize that except for adding the metal for termite protection. A lot of waste of money. So far, this expenditure has run me about $3000 extra dollars that I, nor the contractors and the Windstorm Engineers thinks is necessary at all. Sighh..... but that's what the City of Beaumont wants. Total for replacing 44 footings (which this house never had) the cinder blocks, concrete and more concrete, rebar and other materials is going to run real close to $4500. Just think how far $4500 would have taken us on repairing and refurbishing the house!

Jess and Martin will also replace the outer rotten wood that will sit down on the cinder blocks. They can't get to any more of it until after the mover comes back and sits her down on her Laurels. (We are thinking Thursday or Friday but knowing his work pattern of the past, I will believe it all when I see it.)

I've called Jefferson County probation department and will be working with probationers needing community service hours - they will start scraping the house and preparing her for painting. That is going to be my next step - getting her painted.

I will start getting the little bit of plumbing and electrical done - yes, I learned to do this when I refurbished my historical home! And, I want to also start pricing sheetrock.

There was a study done that said it would take $40,000 to bring the house back to code. I do not think so and I am making real certain that it doesn't. I am shooting for $15-20,000 maximum. Yes, that is a lot of money - but - it's all going to be worth it in the long run. I want to prove to these people that they lied to the US Government about the costs of refurbishing this house and I want to prove to FEMA that they lied to get this lady a new house.

Had she taken care of the house in the first place, it wouldn't be in the situation that it is in.

Bottom line, I love the house. I think it adds charm and beauty to my "compound" as it is referred. And, I think when she is finished, the walk ways and gardens are put together, this ol' place of mine is going to be an exclamation of "OH MY!" I want many generations to come to enjoy these houses. And, hopefully, the City of Beaumont will realize how important keeping these and other historical buildings within our City is.

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