Langham House

Langham House

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've been lame in my blog - so will repost what I posted on FB:

Langham House Well if it will stop raining - this is looking like a good week to get moved. Seems my owner needs to get back to work - since she's worked off and on and out of the house now waiting on my move. We have 2 contractors to interview about the piers tomorrow - then it's

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    • Langham House a done deal. I'll sit for a little while - until her construction crew is off of another job - and then they will begin tearing out my rotten and replacing me. Her painters are eagerly waiting on the sidelines for the go ahead. By the first part of March - there should be some major changes to me..... isn't February such a sweet month?
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Langham House

Langham House Mr. House Mover just called, "will you be there in about 30 minutes." "of course - anything to expedite all of this" - I can hardly wait........ tapping my fingers in disgust.

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    • Langham House OH - DO NOT SHOUT at me Mr. House Mover - "I'm sorry I didn't mean to" - and where is this extra $$ on the contract coming from? OH I didn't tell you - NO you didn't - We can either go with what you originally said - or the deal is off. OH OKAY - No problem - we are loading up on Monday - and will try to move Tuesday if you are here. OKAAAAYYYYYEEEE I will believe it when I see it.
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    • Langham House He is a "crusty ol' fart" to say the least! And, I'm now taking deep deep breathes to regain my composure. I didn't snap at anyone - but goodness gracious - okay- that's all done - and on to the move.
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    • Sharon Walker I think after he finally moves it, you should have a talk with BBB.
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    • Langham House Planning on it. Very good idea Sharon
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Langham House

Langham House We will never use this mover again for anything. I will never recommend this mover. Slower than a turtle in a vat full of peanut butter with frozen molasses. Now we are into "next week" he has other plans.

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    • Denise Garrett Can ya look for someone else at this late date?
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    • Langham House already have tried - everyone else is booked up 3-6 months. LOTS of folks moving out!
      Yesterday at 11:15a

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