Langham House

Langham House

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Evening January 19, 2011

Well the last few days have been sort of interesting in some manners.

We cleaned out all the paneling, the reset ceilings, the old cabinets - making several trips from Royal Street over to Irma - 2 blocks away. When we got back from our last load - immediately I noticed there were some locks missing. I was absolutely heart broke and sick to my stomach!

Before I could get back to my house to get my phone - Brenda - the lady who used to have it called the police to report there was a black truck over at "her old historical home" for the last few days and she needed the police to come check us out. I had to really do some talking to the officer for him to realize it was MY house!

Street people came by today and told me that they saw her over to the house yesterday afternoon but of course they won't talk to the "po-po". (aka police).

We removed all the locks last night.

Today a friend, Earl Wilcox came and helped. We took all the doors off their hinges and we removed the claw foot bathtub so I could take it to have it reglazed. Also we removed the cast iron sink that could easily be sold for scrap.

Having gotten all the paneling off the wall - I can see termite damages and we are going to repair them as quickly as the place gets moved.

I had contacted the City this morning to see if the mover's permits were in order - yes they were. I called another mover for a second price and was told well over $12,000. I almost fainted. These folks are PROUD of themselves and their work! WOW!

I then was given the phone number of the man from Entergy. He returned my call later in the afternoon - and I was able to tell him things that the mover had gotten confused. He thought the job had already been done - and will get with me tomorrow and expedite things for me. And, he is going to work at lowering the price because it is for a historical landmark.

I also went by Lloyd Franks' upholstery place today. He is the gentleman who reglazes the old tubs. He has done an excellent job on many - even doing one with the Harley Davidson colors and emblem. It was a beauty - but not as pretty as the red and black one that he had outside for a while before someone bought it!

I spoke with Darlene, Beaumont Heritage Society, today and gave her an update. She is still in my corner and I'm grateful for her. I believe I have a new friend.

I was disappointed to find the floors in the living room, hallway, kitchen and front bedroom had been replaced with plywood - I don't know who did it - but I am not happy with that look - so I will be needing to find flooring. Darlene furnished me with a man's name who handles salvage.

The cost factors may have gone up. But I do believe I can bring it to fruition and refurbishment for much less than what the Shaw Engineering folks said it would take. Of course, with us doing the majority of the work - will help as well.

The bathroom in the front will come out - as that is part of the original porch. I'll save the tub, sink, and commode for future use in my barn.

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