Langham House

Langham House

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10

Had our little pow-wow down town at the Historical Land Commission meeting. Darlene Chodzinski, with Beaumont Heritage Society paved the way for a smooth meeting. Beaumont Main Street representation wasn't there which I was sort of disappointed in - but Darlene has handled things thus far very well - and I like working with her. So all is good.

Marty Craig & others thanked me for taking on this responsibility. I explained to them there are no water leaks in the roof, there are no electrical problems or plumbing problems. I also shared with them they paint that has been put over the windows or on the windows so that they didn't have to purchase curtains - paint colors of beige, black, red, pink. I told them this house needs a lot of love and elbow grease more than anything real material.

There was a discussion on the "cranberry red color" that I wanted to use around the windows and soffett. A compromise was made and I will still use the color - on the door - and on the windows and the soffett.

Unanimous vote - minus the one from the Heritage Society who had to recuse her vote because of her involvement.

Now to get her moved - which means dealing with the mover.

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