Langham House

Langham House

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12

Today is a really special day! Several reasons. 1. Beaumont Main Street finally signed their end of the papers and Darlene is bringing them to me; 2. My cousins, Sharon Kay & Jerry Edward Davis, came for lunch. During the course of talking about the Langham House Jerry Edward says, "The guy who got it in the historical thing is on my facebook"!
3. Having contacted Greg Riley - he has copies (that the City of Beaumont had lost) of the history on Langham House - and last but not least 4. The mover has called and made arrangements with Entergy to move the pole long enough for them to move the house then reset it - for $486 more dollars of course! Progress!! So, I am waiting on Darlene with the Beaumont Heritage Society - she has been SUCH a trooper in helping me through all of this!! I DO MEAN A HELPER! It wouldn't all be coming together without her help - I am sure of that!

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