Langham House

Langham House

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11

A call this morning from the mover. "The city doesn't like your drawing and they want me to redraw it of how the house is going to sit."

"Alan, it is awfully strange that I've seen Steve Richardson almost every work day for a week and he has not said ONE thing to me. So why is the City telling YOU these things and not me? It's as if you do not believe me and double check everything that I say I've done or was told to me."

"No that's not true - I'll call them back and see what the deal is. Also I got ahold of Entergy and they will be out to move the pole." (Well that's good news on the Entergy side)

"Alan, I went before the Historical Land Commission just yesterday - if there was an issue in where and how I was putting the house - then Steve would have or should have told me something yesterday."

Newsflash for Mr. Mover: get it done or I will find someone else! This is the same man that wants "in labor" 4900.00 to put the pilings under the house - and "not sure how many" and the materials would run less than 2100. Now, go figure! He made close to $9000 from the first move of the house and my cost is right at $8000 - so I do believe the man has made a good chump money on this job. I'm hoping the folks using him for other moves takes note of this.

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