Langham House

Langham House

Sunday, April 10, 2011


We started painting today - it'll be tedious work - but in the end - I believe it will be well worth it. I'm loving the colors we're putting on her. I'll try to download a picture tomorrow.

I've started taking picture of folks who stop by to see the old house. I plan to use them in a collage of pictures in the back of the book These Two Old Houses (yes I know that is suppose to be underlined, but haven't figure out the computer yet). Trying to get as many "visitors'" pictures as possible. Rumor has it WL Pate and Gethrel Williams-Wright with the City Council are coming out next week.

We removed the old blue tarp that was up there - WHAT A JOKE! Not a shingle amiss! Yes it does look strange 2 different colors - but for now - that's the way it'll have to be until more funds come in.

We located the man, Wes, who tore down the Polk House here in Beaumont. He has a lot of the materials that we need to replace or repair.

We also removed the enclosed area where there was a closet and a bathroom and reverted the porch back to being a porch. It sure opened it up and made a difference.

Speaking of opening things up. As you walked up the make-shift steps - to the front door - there was a boarded up area on the left. I woke up Saturday morning and asked Jess for us to open it up and let's see what was behind the wood.

OH MY! I had the most awesome surprise of a hidden treasure! Another jib window that just needed 3 panes replaced had been boarded up! I was SO excited!! The window now offers wonderful natural lighting into what will be "the parlor".

Today I chose colors for the parlor and kitchen while we were at Home Depot. (Oh and I hear the paint department and a few others from Home Depot are going to come out and have their picture made with "this ol' house"! )

We are slowly but suredly moving along. Thanks for coming on the journey with us.

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