Langham House

Langham House

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday - April 1st

This isn't an April Fool's joke - we are down to one side of pressure washing and the fun begins! I'm SO glad I purchased the pressure washer instead of renting one.

Neighbors and folks passing by stopped this evening in the middle of the road or sidewalk telling us what a wonderful job we were doing with the old house. Many were curious as to what color paint we were using, when were we going to get finished, it was sure looking good, we are doing such a wonderful job, "where's all that rotten wood that supposedly was on this house?", it's "looking really good!" - the compliments went on and on. When we got this place, I figured it was something just we were concerned about.

It amazes me the strangers who've stopped and said, "We've been watching ya'll and are real proud of what you are doing with this old house, it's a shame the City is tearing so many of these places down instead of letting folks know who might could purchase the houses and fix them up." I think they are right. I do think the City is tearing down too many houses which could be fixed up. I think they look at bad paint and a run down look and give up on places too easily.

So, once again, I'm convinced that this project is worthwhile - not only for me - but for my neighbors who are anxious for this area to be brought back to life.

We are down to one more side that has to be pressure washed. A coat of primer then April 9th we will be having ourselves a painting party - several friends are coming and one family is coming to cook our catfish and crawfish for the workers. I love my friends - I don't think you can say that enough!

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